4 reasons why coaching institutes should set up Computer Labs (CBT)?

4 reasons why coaching institutes should set up Computer Labs (CBT)?

NTA (National Training Academy) has made some of the entrance exams online and intends to make all entrance exams online. This has made computer labs(CBT) and online exam software incredibly important for coaching institutes.

Read on to know the important reasons why every ambitious coaching institute should set up a computer lab.

Distraction free test environment:

  • When students take online tests from home, they are in their comfort zone and can easily get distracted by friends, phone calls and many more. Computer labs will provide a distraction-free environment for your students.
  • Taking tests in an exam like environment will help your students prepare properly for the final exam atmosphere. This in turn reduces their stress and hence better management of their time.

Data speaks louder than words:

  • When class tests are conducted based on pen and paper, students get little chance to track their progress and analyze the tests.
  • When conducted online in a computer lab, students can track their progress and compare the performance with the previous tests and with toppers. Online tests are proven to provide an exhaustive post-test analysis.
  • Teachers / Academic directors can get to know the report of a student/group of students in a single click.
  • Teachers can easily find the most difficult question based on the student’s responses.  They can provide more such questions for the students to get familiar with such questions.

Evaluation and result publishing becomes simple:

  • Evaluating and distributing the corrected sheets to your students is a time-consuming job for the institutes.
  • When class tests are conducted online in the labs, students get instant evaluation and answer keys.
  • Coaching institutes can share the results of the tests with the parents in no time.

Less paper usage:

  • By going digital, Institutes can save the paper used for printing questions and explanations.
  • On an average, each test consists of 5 papers of questions and 10 papers of explanations.
  • Institute could save Rs 700 per student for 50 tests a year.

Lasts but not least, setting up a computer lab will provide your institute a competitive advantage and you can add the availability of Computer Labs in your marketing materials.

Are you planning to set up the computer lab for your coaching institute? Let us know if you have any doubts about setting up the infrastructure, we would love to help you.