5 critical reasons to start an online test prep course

5 critical reasons to start an online test prep course

The online education industry in India is now worth more than a billion dollars. Almost all of the competitive exams have switched to online mode citing its advantages. If you are a competitive exam coach and aren’t convinced on starting an online test prep course, here are 5 critical reasons why should you start an online test preparation course in India now.

Huge market size

Online education is the next big thing in India. It is expected to be worth $3 billion. Indian exam preparation market is valued at Rs 25000 Crore – Rs 32000 Crore (in 2012) and is projected to grow to Rs 36000 crore – Rs 46000 crore (in 2015). By 2017 online education market size is expected to reach $40 billion. With all competitive exams moving to online mode, students prefer having an online method to boost their preparation.

No Investment needed to start an online course

Costs involved with setting up an offline coaching class is huge. Unlike offline classes, no physical expenses like office rents are incurred in online classes. All you need to create a successful online course is good content and the right method of teaching. With the rise of online test preparation platforms like  Testpress, creating a successful online course is just a click away from you.

Increased signups

If the content is convincing, chances are that the student will quickly signup for the course. Online preparation brings in a lot of comfort to students to prepare at their own pace and to clear doubts by online discussions. With the advent of high speed broadband internet, students do realize that they save a lot of time in online preparation and are more convinced now to prefer online preparation.

More targeted leads

Free tests bring more targeted leads who have more probability of becoming a paying student. If you are already having an offline classroom coaching center, freebies increase your brand visibility and gets easy word of mouth marketing. If you can use a platform which can automate marketing with these leads, you can convert them to paying users and get more revenue.

Automate process of creating revenue

With offline classes physical work needs to be done on a regular basis to bring in revenue. This is now automated with an online test prep course. Once you upload the content, you can focus on digital marketing of the product and see the cash flow in on a daily basis!

Hope these points would’ve convinced you to consider starting an online test preparation course. If you are wondering where to start, Testpress can be of help to you. Start your first online test preparation course now!