New Feature: Bookmarks and Folders

New Feature: Bookmarks and Folders

We have launched Bookmarks and Folders few days before. The response got from students was tremendous. In just 3 days more than 15000 items have been bookmarked and 1000 folders have been created.

Bookmark questions in Online Exam Software

Students needed a better way to mark questions for future references. Almost all of our users were requesting this feature lately. We wanted to introduce the best bookmarking tool for our institutes and their students.

Most of the online exam software in the industry have bookmarks. The one important thing that missed was “Organizing the bookmarks”.

Bookmarks with Folders:

Testpress’s bookmarking tool will enable students to create folders of their choice and organize bookmarks inside folders.

During revision, students can access bookmarks and folders from the “Bookmarks” tab in the dashboard.

Bookmark’s Operations:

Bookmarks can be moved from one folder to another folder by clicking the “Move” icon near the bookmarked questions. Folders can also be renamed and accidentally created folders can be deleted from the dashboard.

Categorize bookmarks in folders

Students can bookmark a single question / Blog Posts / notes / video / PDFs.

We are enabling the bookmarks only on request. If you would like to enable bookmarks for your institute, please write an email to