5 Tried and Tested offline marketing strategies for Coaching Institutes

5 Tried and Tested offline marketing strategies for Coaching Institutes

With the number of coaching institutes increasing every day, it’s clear that marketing is the difference between a successful institute and one that fails. The right marketing strategies can easily triple your admissions within a short span of time.

Here are a list of tried and tested marketing strategies which can help your institute step up to the next level:

1.Free seminars/workshops in Colleges and Schools

Students are often so focused on the studying process that they don’t have sufficient awareness about any further steps. For example, UPSC coaching institutes should conduct sessions in nearby schools and colleges explaining the nature of the UPSC exams, how to prepare for them, and providing details of relevant jobs. These sessions can clarify doubts that students might have, and also will help you interact with them.

2. Newspaper and Local Magazines

Most Indian parents still read a newspaper in the morning, and almost all national dailies have a city edition. You can target your audience through your city edition.

Don’t just do regular advertisements, though – try including a few multiple choice questions in your newspaper advertisement and encourage students to send the answers through WhatsApp, for example.

3. Hoardings

This is one of the most effective methods of offline marketing. Hoardings near schools and colleges (or near busy junctions) will get you visibility and brand recognition. Always mention key points reflecting your experience and success, as people will be more convinced of your expertise if you can provide proof.

4. Metropolitan Buses and Trains

Of course, it isn’t economically feasible to place hoardings all over the city. Instead, however, you can try placing your ads on the local metropolitan buses and trains and ensure city-wide coverage that way.

5. Pamphlets

Pamphlets and brochures have a possibility of long-term engagement, as people will carry them home where they might be for some time. To ensure that they are attention-catching, you should take the following steps while designing them:

  • Use high-quality material
  • Provide details of key features and coaching methodologies
  • Describe the caliber of your faculty
  • Include photos of the previous year’s successful students

Look to distribute pamphlets near schools and colleges; or, even better, place brochures inside schools and colleges on notice boards or in the canteen.

Free Online Mock Test

Although all of these offline strategies will certainly help you grow your brand, it is always difficult to get the contact information of students. However, these strategies will drive students to your website where you can potentially get that information – however, in order to do so, you’ll need to provide something in exchange. You could give them last year’s question paper or some other study material, but why not provide a free online mock test instead?

If that sounds like a fun and interesting way to engage with your target audience, take a look at Testpress – it’s easy to use and it’s free.