What's new in Testpress Online Exam Software : July 18 - September 18

What's new in Testpress Online Exam Software : July 18 - September 18

It’s been another exciting 3 months at Testpress, with more than 10 new features being added to our online exam software. Here’s a quick look at some of the new tools and tricks we’ve added over the last quarter:

NMAT Exam Support

NMAT is an exam conducted by GMAC for business schools in India, South Africa and the Philippines. The NMAT Exam contains three sections – students are able to choose the order of the sections, and the questions will be provided in that selected order.

CCAvenue Integration

Our online exam software already supported the PayU and Citrus payment gateways, but now we’ve added support for CCAvenue as well to Testpress. From now on, you can integrate your own CCAvenue account, and get your money deposited directly to your account through that payment gateway.

File Type Question

A new question type called File Type has been added to Testpress, which is a must-have feature for UPSC websites planning to conduct the Mains examination online.

How does it work?

For the file type question, the student is required to upload the file(s). Uploaded files can be of any format – images, PDFs, zipped files, and so on. Once the examination is submitted, the admins can download the files and grade the exam manually. This can be useful in situations like when the student needs to upload a scanned copy of answer sheets, for example.

Numerical Answer Type Questions (with Accepted Error)

We’ve added another question type called Numerical Questions. For the numerical question type, the student must select an answer through the medium of an on-screen keyboard.

One of the important settings in the NAT question is ‘accepted error’. For example, if the answer to the question is 2234.667, you can enter the answer as 2234.5 and the accepted error as 0.5 – if so, any answer between 2234 and 2235 will be awarded full marks.

Updated IBPS Template

There were some changes in the recent IBPS and other exam screens. We’ve replicated those same changes in Testpress as below:

IBPS Online Exam Software

Bulk upload questions from Excel Sheet

At Testpress, we have a comprehensive Word parser with which you can upload questions with images, and even complex equations-based questions. However, a few users who are conducting simpler exams with text-based questions might prefer the opportunity to upload from Excel rather than a Word document. Now you can also directly upload questions to Testpress from an Excel sheet.

Score Recalculation

When there is an error in the question, you can change the answer key and trigger a score recalculation. Each student’s score for that exam will be recalculated.

White-Labeled Google SignIn

You can integrate your Google Login with our online exam software with your own developer account.

Secured PDF

For websites that are conducting online test series, PDF piracy is one of the major problems affecting their revenue. Our online exam software has a feature where each and every PDF that is downloaded will have an invisible unique key. If the PDF is shared online, you’ll be able to find the user that shared the PDF using this unique key.