What's new in Testpress Online Exam Software: Oct 18 - Dec 18

What's new in Testpress Online Exam Software: Oct 18 - Dec 18

It was a great quarter for Testpress – we hit the milestone of 100 customers and, as always, we added quite a few more features to the platform. Here’s a quick look at the new additions over the last three months

Award Full Marks:

Occasionally, a particular answer key in an examination might have resulted in incorrect marking. To rectify this, you’d need to provide full marks for that question to all students (even those who might have left the question unanswered), and that’s what this feature enables.

Smart Sales Report:

This was an often-requested feature from almost every customer who sold online test series/courses! Using this, you can generate a detailed sales report with extensive filter option. We’ve also added a feature called ‘Missed Payment’, which lets you identify users who’ve attempted to make a payment but failed to complete it.

PDF Viewer:

With this inbuilt PDF viewer, you can restrict your users to viewing PDFs instead of making them available for download.

Network based restriction:

If you want your users to access your course/exam only from a particular location – for example, your office/computer lab – you can provide the IP address of that network and block access from all other networks.

Retake for the failed attempts:

With this setting, you can let your users retake an exam only if they did not pass on their previous attempt.

Custom Payment Note:

After a successful payment, Testpress sends a default payment receipt to the student. Now you can add an additional note to that receipt using this feature. For example, you might add a message requesting that your students join a Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram group.

Support for Domain-Restricted Videos (App):

With Testpress, you could embed Vimeo/Wistia/Sprout videos in the online platform for your students to view; however, when the videos were domain-restricted to play only in your LMS, they could not be played via the mobile app. We’ve now enabled that functionality in our Android app.

Advanced Manual Grading for Essays and File type Questions:

We’re particularly excited about this feature! Grading for subjective-type questions is much easier with the help of features like:

  • Feedback for questions
  • Feedback for attempts
  • Easy navigation between attempts

We’ll be writing a separate article on how to use this feature, so look out for that.

Custom LMS Header

Want to add a custom header to your LMS/online test platform as seen below? Get in touch, and we’ll help you set up a custom header for your platform.

Time Analytics for the Admin:

Check how much time a student has taken for each question. The time analytics for individual students can be retrieved from the View Answers page for each attempt.

Advanced Notes Editor:

Now you can seamlessly add notes to Testpress with our Auto Grow feature. When you add notes, the height of the editor will automatically grow to match your content’s height.

What do you think of these new features? If you’re having trouble with any of them (or you just have questions), give us a call or send us an email.

There’s a lot more to come next quarter for Testpress. We’re planning discount codes, a custom registration form, and enhanced video playback among others. Which of these upcoming features are you most excited about? Tell us!