Are you selling content or discipline?

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Are you selling content or discipline?

You know...

We have many different types of customers at Testpress.

However... If somebody asks me to broadly classify our customers in an eagle's eye view, I would say the following

  • Those who sell content
  • Those who sell content + discipline


You might be able to agree with the content part.

But discipline..? Aren't students coming to learn from you?

This is where we contradict.

Coaching Mindset

Most of the time, teachers who were successful in the way they teach in a big successful institute.. fail miserably when they start to run a coaching business on their own.

What they don't realize is that there are hidden intangible factors that are responsible for the success of a coaching institute.

Successful coaching institutes are the ones that run with a different mindset.

The mindset of making the student achieve his goal...

The mindset of doing all the things which are needed to make him disciplined to achieve his goal.

And more importantly, they scale this by process and methodologies.

To understand this we need to back this with scientific evidence.


Executive Functioning

Most of the students (and people in general!) struggle with one of the following

  • Focus
  • Paying Attention
  • Organizing
  • Prioritizing
  • Completing syllabus

Apparently, these are usually handled by a set of skills by our brain which is called Executive Function.

Does this mean that a student's success is connected with his gene?

Thankfully no!

While our genes do provide a blueprint for these skills, these skills can be acquired and learned through experience and practice.

And I'm not lying...

It is backed by science

New research shows that the brain is more like a muscle – it changes and gets stronger when you use it. Scientists have been able to show how the brain grows and gets stronger when you learn. Everyone knows that when you lift weights, your muscles get bigger and you get stronger

Ref link - for success d4.pdf

Coaching Mindset

Students come to a coaching institute because most of the time they want to delegate discipline.

This is the mindset a coaching institute should run.

The processes and methodologies followed by a coaching institute should answer the following

  • How to improve focus and make students attentive?
  • How to make the student to consume the content?
  • How to organize the syllabus so that students can consume one step at a time?
  • How to prioritize different parts of the syllabus?
  • How to set and reach goals both short-term and long-term?

So what next?

If you are running a coaching institute, need to question yourself now...

Are you selling content or discipline?

The wise would answer both!