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5 easy steps to bulk upload your questions from word

At Testpress, we strive to automate as much as possible making the job of conducting exams easier. Today we are happy to announce the beta version of bulk questions uploader.

Questions can now be easily uploaded from your word document in 5 simple steps.

To start bulk uploading questions, click the “Bulk Import Questions” button inside a question set. You will get a dialog box where you can start following the steps mentioned herewith. Once done with each step, click the “Next” button to go to the next step.

1. Paste questions

First step starts with pasting the mcqs along with options from your word document. Following are the minimal rules which need to be followed for easier import

  • Questions should start with a number followed by a (dot)
  • The options for each question should start with an alphabet and followed by a ) bracket.
  • Each question should be separated by an empty line

Following is an example of how the questions should be:

1. This is first question
A. First option
B. Second option
C. Third option
D. Fourth option

2. This is second question
A. First option
B. Second option
C. Third option
D. Fourth option

2. Paste Answers

Once done pasting questions you will see a small yellow notification on the top informing the number of questions parsed. This can be used to verify whether your formatting was correct. Next paste the correct answers of the mcqs with their corresponding question number. Following are the minimal rules which need to be followed:

  • Answers should start with the question number followed by a . (dot)
  • The correct option alphabet should be mentioned after the dot
  • Each correct answer should be specified in a new line

Following is an example of how the answers should be:

1. A
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. C

3. Paste Explanations

Next copy all the explanations if any and paste the same. The explanations should be of the following format to parse correctly.

  • Every explanation should start with #==# followed by question number and followed by a dot . or bracket ).
  • Leave an empty line between two explanations.

It is very important to leave an empty line between two explanations for the parser to parse correctly.

4. Preview

Now all your questions, with correct answers and explanations should be parsed. In case there is some mistake in parsing, click the text to start editing.

To mark an answer correct/incorrect click on the option circle to toggle.

5. Submit

Relax and go for a cup of coffee while the questions get uploaded. Once the progress bar shows 100% you can click “Done” to have your questions bulk uploaded

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