A big thank you!

A big thank you!

Yesterday I was discussing with my wife about hope.

She said something which I found very profound

Hope is the expectation that change is going to happen soon

While philosophers have shunned hope asking to be in the present and not dwell too much into the future, I disagree with them sometimes.

This constant strive to become better by itself is hope isn't it?

I personally feel humanity has organized many parts of life in the form of rituals and routines.

… and I see these routines as opportunities to reboot.

Think about it...

All the festivals, ceremonies, community gatherings are just there to reboot our mental rut into which we keep falling again and again.

Isn't it?

At Testpress, we look at this new year and every new year in the same way.

An opportunity or rather an excuse to pause, lookback, be grateful and become better.

An opportunity for us to thank you for trusting us all these years.

Because of your support, we could provide a comfortable work environment for our employees, take care of their salary, afford health insurance for them and their loved ones.

I sincerely believe that your support contributes a part for our employees in leading a life of dignity.

We are always, and will always be grateful for that.

And we wish you from the bottom of our heart that this new year shall bring all the success and happiness for you and your family.