How to Create Training Videos for your Students?

How to Create Training Videos for your Students?

To make training videos for your student can be a real asset.

It is also an opportunity to demonstrate elements of your course that are difficult to explain in writing.

So you have to enrich your online lessons with videos for this manner..


Most importantly you must know what you want to deliver and how to communicate effectively.

How to create training videos for your students? Let’s have a look:

  1. Defining the main objective of the course
  2. Scripting your e-learning video
  3. Shoot your training video
  4. Edit your training course video
  5. Upload your course video in an Learning management system.

1) Define the main objective of the course

Your video must define the main objective of the training properly.

It means the overall discussion in the video must rely on the topic that you want to express.

Keep in mind, your video intent must be clear and deliver the main topic.

2) Scripting your e-learning video

Before making a course video for the student:

  • Create a script that makes your thoughts into production.
  • Write the text for voice over and collect the essential material that is helpful to make an effective video.
  • Find an informal background and put your camera in front of you.

Meanwhile, a chair or a desk will give an impression that will encourage your student to watch the course video.

3) Shoot your training video

Once you have set all the things, now it's time to shoot your training videos specifically for your students.

Don't be afraid to shoot your video for many times because in the start you have to develop strong stamina to speak thoroughly in front of your student.

Indeed, there is no student, but you have to imagine that your student is watching you. Consider your camera as an audience and have an eye to eye conversation.

Remember to check the stability of your course video, which means light and sound.

4) Edit your training course video

Once you have shot the course video for the student, now the final step is to edit the video.

A video editing software is helpful to create a complete video for your student. Editing matters because it allows you to add and remove unusual things.

A video editing software allows you to create a perfect training course video with voice over and shoot video.

However, editing is an opportunity to test different formats; for instance, add transition effects, increase the video text or add voice over.

Some of the easy to use video editing softwares available in market are

Remember.. Your video does not need to have tons of effects, but it must deliver the actual intent.

5) Upload your course video

When you are satisfied with your editing, now it’s time to upload the video for your student.

For LMS platform video, it is essential to deliver a high-quality video.

Keep in mind.. the video formats must be of the highest quality (Usually 1080p HD). A good LMS platform will transcode it to multiple bit rates for adaptive streaming.

Wrapping up

Face-to-face course will promote interactivity but not adapt to the needs of learners.

On the other hand, an e-learning course video is concise because it responds to a specific problem and provides different information to your students.

If done well, E-learning via videos is an opportunity to develop a pedagogical relation with the student through online.