Students Motivation - 4 simple steps for motivating students in classroom

Students Motivation - 4 simple steps for motivating students in classroom

Competition is increasing day by day for students and it is a major reason for stress and depression.

It has become extremely important to make the students charged and keep motivated in the classroom. Take a glance to know some technique of keeping them motivated.


  • Set up your class in U-shape. This helps in building better concentration. U shaped classrooms are proven to bring more engagement in the classroom. You can read more about the advantages of U Shaped Classroom layout here
  • Make sure classrooms are lit well. Read more about the importance of lighting in the classroom.
  • Faculties should be audible to each and every student.
U-Shaped Classroom – Layout

Be their Role Model:

Students often treat Teachers as their role model. Your actions boost them to remain motivated.

  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Use real-life examples during your sessions.
  • Choose the words carefully. Words can either motivate or demotivate the students.
  • Create zeal in students towards the subject and not only marks.

Availability of Teachers:

Students feel secure only when they know there is someone to help.

  • Be available to them before and after the class so that they can share with you their problem.
  • Apply technique of “Being involved and keep involved” this helps weak students to open up and speak.
  • Appreciate them for good performance and come up with constructive criticism for bad ones.

Implant Positive Thoughts:

  • Emphasize on what has been learned and not on what has been left.
  • Set realistic goals. Instead of giving a large task, prepare them a simple checklist for preparation. Work with them closely in monitoring the progress and help them when needed.

These techniques can easily be used to maintain positivity in the classroom and help your students be more productive. Let us know your thoughts on this.