New feature updates in Testpress LMS (July to Nov 2023)

New feature updates in Testpress LMS (July to Nov 2023)

There were multiple initiatives in Testpress in the past few months.

While we were also busy with a new stealth product, we did give some attention to our LMS by adding features which would make your life better.

Dive in to discover what's new and how we're pushing the boundaries of online learning!

Custom Test Generation

Back in the day when I was studying in school, I used to take a lot of tests for my board exam.

Our maths teacher was very generous enough to allow us to take unlimited tests.

He assigned a staff to generate question papers and also evaluate our papers.

We even had a healthy competition amongst our group on who took the most number of tests per day.

This definitely helped me get great scores in my final real exam.

Taking cue from this, we built this functionality right into our LMS.

Now you can allow your students to generate tests themselves from your pool of questions inside a course. This is available as a setting inside each course.

When you enable this, a nice magic wand appears for the student inside a course.

Clicking the magic wand, takes the student to a test generation page where he can filter the subject, question type, number of questions, difficulty level, time limit, whether the test should be in quiz mode.

Once done he will be taken to a freshly generated test which would have questions based on the filtering criteria mentioned in the previous steps.

This way a student can keep revising his preparation and also give focus to areas where he thinks he is weak without the dependency of your teachers.

Cool isn't it?


One of the missing and often asked feature in our LMS was the ability to generate certificates.

As Denzel Washington once famously said

Dreams without goals are just dreams. And ultimately, they fuel disappointment.

Certificates serve this purpose precisely. They motivate your students to complete the course giving a sense of achievement on completion.

Not only that...

They act as a marketing tool for your institute when students flaunt the same in their social media posts.

You can enable certificates directly from the course or exam settings in your admin panel.

The steps to add a certificate to a course or exam are then pretty much self explanatory. From designing to scheduling the certificate, everything can be pretty much done from the certificates creator page.

Upon meeting the criteria, students can effortlessly generate and download their certificates as PDF, celebrating their accomplishments in a tangible and shareable format.

Strikethrough Pricing in Product

There are times when you would want to highlight the savings a student would get when purchasing a course.

This could act as a motivation to make a sale.

Commonly called as Anchoring in Behavioral Psychology, we've added a feature to display product pricing with strikethrough for the original prices.

Now you can add this strikethrough pricing when creating a product.

When added, this will act as an anchor displaying the original price with a strikethrough in the product landing page.

Disable Resume Exam

This is a minor enhancement.

While the exams created by you are low stake, there are times when you would want to prevent users from resuming the exam to maintain the seriousness of the test.

In those cases, you can enable this setting.

The application will inform the student at the start of the test and ask them to ensure that they complete the test in one attempt.

Staff Session Timeout & Account Protection

Staff accounts are sensitive and need greater protection compared to students.

There are cases where staff might forget logging in a public system which could be accessed by students.

To combat this behavior, we've added two settings where you can enable single login for staff and also automatically disable their login after a period of inactivity.

As always these were implemented based on the feedback received from you.

Feel free to suggest your feedback and requirements in our vibrant Testpress LMS community.

Stay tuned, and happy learning!