Feature updates in Testpress LMS for the last quarter (April to Jun 2023)

SAT Mock Tests, Monitor window during test, decision box in custom fields, bulk users unblock, bulk remove users from batch

Feature updates in Testpress LMS for the last quarter (April to Jun 2023)

As we step into the second half of 2023, it's time to reflect on the advancements we've made in the last quarter.

At Testpress LMS, we've been hard at work from April to June, fine-tuning features and rolling out updates to enhance your experience.

Curious about what's new?

Dive in to discover what's new and how we're pushing the boundaries of online learning!

SAT Template

We've added support in our learning management system to create mock tests which simulate the same UI and functionality as provided by College Board SAT Exam.

There are three salient features of SAT template

  • The College board SAT UI
  • Ability to create breaks between sections
  • SAT Score convention

Collegeboard SAT UI

One of the important things in preparing for competitive exams is to simulate the exact scenario of the real exam during practice.

Our SAT template offers an authentic exam experience, ensuring your students are fully prepared for the test day.

Sectional breaks

As mentioned in their website, the real SAT exam has multiple breaks.

You can create these breaks from our admin UI.

These pauses mimic the actual SAT test format as seen below, helping your students to refresh and be prepared.

SAT Score Conversion

Our detailed performance analysis system not only tracks your student's progress but also provides accurate score conversions, aligning with the official SAT score scale

Window Monitoring

This is a minor enhancement to prevent students from moving away from their window during a test.

You can enable the same from the settings of an exam in Admin UI.

When enabled, the software ensures the students remain completely focused during the test period.

If they switch to other windows, the test would inform them about the same and ends the test.

Decision box in custom fields

We added a new custom field which you can use in registration or data collection.

The Decision box!

With this you gain the ability to add a field that accept yes or no type values.

  • Say you want to make user to agree to your terms and conditions during registration, this field can be used
  • If you wish to offer your users an option to subscribe to your newsletter during account setup, this field is ideal.
  • Should you need to obtain consent from users for data collection or cookie usage on your website, this field serves the purpose perfectly.

Once the field is added, the same would be rendered for data collection in the corresponding form for the student.

Bulk users Unblock

A lot of our customers have huge number of students studying.

We had added bulk block users functionality sometime back to temporarily suspend a user who might not have paid the complete fees.

While this feature was very beneficial in timely collection of fees, it introduced a new problem to unblock them once they've made the payment.

To solve the same, we have added option unblock the users in bulk.

With this feature, administrators can quickly select and unblock multiple users at once, ensuring fast access to courses for learners.

Bulk Remove users from batch

We've added a nifty little feature to our LMS: now you can remove multiple users from a batch all at once.

Handy right?

As we wrap up this update, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated Testpress LMS community.

Your feedback and engagement drive us to innovate and refine our platform continuously.

Remember, these updates are just the tip of the iceberg.

We're already gearing up for the next quarter, aiming to bring even more enhancements your way.

Stay tuned, and happy learning!