New Feature: Retake Test with Wrong Questions

New Feature: Retake Test with Wrong Questions

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Exams are getting tougher and tougher. Students have to resort to new strategies to ace the exams. One of the tried and tested ways of preparing for an exam is to revise.

We recently soft launched “Retake Test Option” keeping this in mind and had received good response. The statistics showed increasing interest in retakes. Many students had personally appreciated us on the same.

The Problem

However one thing we noted was if an exam has say 200 questions and if a user had got 160 correct and 40 incorrect, it makes it increasingly difficult and less incentivizing for the user to retake the exam completely. All the user needs to do is to focus on the incorrect and unanswered questions instead of repeating answers which he already knows. Given the fact that each and every minute in competitive exam preparation is very important, especially during the last months, this seems to be a pain point.

Today we are announcing a new feature called Retake Incorrect Questions by which users can retake a test only  with incorrect and unanswered questions. You can enable / disable this option for any exam from the exam’s settings page. You can also specify a cap on the number of retakes. By leaving empty, students can attempt it any number of times.

Enable option to allow retaking a test

How this works:

Assume if a user is attempting an exam with 200 questions. In the first attempt the user gets 120 questions correct. After reviewing the results, user can go for “Retake Wrong Questions.” In the second attempt user will be assessed only with the remaining 80 questions and not the complete 200.

Students can retake a test from their history page. They can choose to retake the test with all questions or just incorrect questions.

Student can select all questions or only incorrect questions

We hope this would help students prepare effectively. Any feedback you have, please share it with us below.

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