New Feature - Watermarked PDFs for your online test series

New Feature - Watermarked PDFs for your online test series

We started Testpress with a single mission of digitising the learning experience. While students and institutes were really happy with the ease of taking online exams at the comfort of clicking a mouse, one of the oft requested features was the ability to download the Q&A papers for offline reading.

Offline Readability

Not many times do the situations favour dependence on gadgets for reading. Hence we decided to give an option for institutes to choose if the answer sheets can be downloaded for offline use by the students.

This can be enabled or disabled by toggling the option from the institute settings page.

Enable PDF download in settings

Enabling this feature will allow students to download a beautifully rendered non distracting version of the questions and answers in PDF form. You can see a sample version of the same here.


Taking this to the next level, today we have introduced an optional feature to add watermarks in the generated PDFs. This feature allows you to put a background image in all the sheets. This can be your institute logo or any text of your choice.

To enable this feature, you need to create the image to be watermarked with the size of A4 ( 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 ×11.69 inches). Upload the same in the institute settings page under the watermark option.

Upload watermark image from institute settings

Once you upload, the image will appear in the background of all sheets.

Hidden marketing benefits of PDF and watermarks

PDFs are a win-win feature for both students and the institute. Students are happy and grateful for having an option to print the question papers. This adds to the credibility and increases the reputation of the coaching institute.

Now with the option of watermarks, there is also an additional benefit for the institutes. Students tend to share their PDFs to their peers in mail or in public groups in Facebook.

User uploading PDF to groups provide free marketing to coaching institutes

This helps in free additional content marketing for the institute as the watermarked content gets shared to many potential aspirants free of cost.

Many institutes have enabled this option and have already increased their reputation and brand value. Needless to say, they have also found considerable increase in their sales after allowing students to download PDFs.

Go ahead! Give it a try and let us know your feedback on the same.

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