Why your online course should support download videos to watch offline?

Get an E-learning LMS software which supports download videos to watch offline

Why your online course should support download videos to watch offline?

‌Just imagine..

You've spent hours creating the perfect video course content for your students.

Lots and lots of editing with every minute details taken care..

As a result, the videos have come beautifully. It has become a boon for your students during this lock down time.

You feel happy that your efforts are ensuring that your students are able to learn and understand better.


One thing which you might be encountering as a constant complaint is that your students might not always have access to a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Or you might be getting complaints like the following...

Sir.. In spite of having a stable internet connection, there is video buffering and audio visual lag.
It is taking more time to load a video and too much buffering. Kindly have a look and try to resolve it ASAP
Sir app not working properly ..since last 3 nights after 11 PM videos are buffering.. please help

You keep wondering that your LMS is working perfectly for you but it isn't the same for all your students.

When it comes to streaming  your videos, one thing which is not in your control is connectivity of your students.

Connectivity problems are mainly of two types..

  • No connectivity
  • Low connectivity (This is worse!)

The current COVID situation has made this worse as now all members of the family are made to work from home.

This means bandwidth is getting shared amongst different members of the family. Hence there is a need to use it judiciously.

LMS with Download Video for Offline

It is in these situations, the ability to watch videos offline comes in handy.

With Testpress e-learning software, you can enable this functionality by means of a simple setting.

When enabled, all your videos can be downloaded for offline watching by your students.

Students can click the download option in the current video playback to start downloading.

Download Video for Watching Offline

Once started, the app will start downloading the video and displays the same using a circular progress bar.

Video downloading showing progress

After download gets completed, the video will be available for offline playback. It will automatically use the downloaded video for playback thus saving bandwidth of your students.

Downloaded offline video

The downloaded contents are also available from a dedicated downloads list in the UI.

Downloads List View


There is however a need to protect your content.

You don't want people to steal your hard work and make profits out of it.

Neither do you want people to keep watching the video even after the validity of their purchase has been expired.

Testpress addresses all these issues with ironclad security.

  • All the videos are encrypted. This means even if they somehow copy the downloaded video, they won't be playable. The videos need an encryption key for playback.
  • Screen shot and screen capturing has been disabled in the entire app
  • Even if they use any outside camera to record, all videos playback are watermarked with the user's email as shown below
Watermarking of student's email on top of video
  • The downloaded videos have a validity of two days. The app needs to be connected to internet at least once it two days. Else the videos will get erased automatically

One of the important side effects of COVID is that people have started consuming more content than ever before. If you've not started offering Video Courses for your student yet, you need to revisit.

If you've started online courses but your video courses aren't offline friendly, you might not be getting the extra edge to stay ahead of your competitors.