What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - July & Aug 2021

Descriptive-type questions in android and iOS, IELTS Essay Type Online Exam Software, Securing your videos - DRM, Enable/Disable video download support, Added video duration linking functionality for video in student UI, Display blocked users list in admin UI

What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - July & Aug 2021

For the past two months, we did some minor new additions and a lot of internal bug fixes, and routine maintenance.

While the bug fixes might not be of great interest to you, the new nifty updates might arouse your curiosity.

Are you ready?

Essay type question in android and iOS

We added support for essay-type questions in our native Android and iOS apps.

With this, your students will be able to answer descriptive-type questions using your mobile app.

This might be of particular use for IELTS institutes which include essay-type questions.

Securing your videos - Industry grade DRM Packing Support

We were using AES encryption in protecting your video content so far.

However, this could be captured by screen capturing extensions available in Google Chrome.

We recently integrated our open-source video encrypting software with industry-standard digital rights management protection using Google WideVine and Apple FairPlay DRM encryption support.

This is a huge update in terms of protecting your video content.

Guess what...

This is the same standard used by Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, Hotstar, and all other OTT players.

This, however, is a premium feature and would involve licensing costs based on pay per view model.

Contact our support to know about the costs.

Offline video watch data update in android

This was a small bug that was affecting our student reports.

Students usually download online class videos and watch them offline to save data costs in Android & iOS Apps.

The video-watched statistics weren't getting synced online at a later stage.

As a result, this was giving wrong reports for our beloved mentors leading to chaos and confusion.

We fixed this. Our sincere apologies!

Enable/Disable video download support from institute settings

Some of you requested to disable the offline video support.

We listened and got this implemented as a small setting in the institute.

Now you can enable or disable video download support from your admin institute settings.

If you disable students will no longer be able to download the video for watching offline in their app.

Added video duration linking functionality for video in student UI

This is something similar to YouTube.

You can now link to duration in your description by specifying as hh:mm:ss format in the description.

This will automatically link to the corresponding duration in the video in the student's UI.

On clicking, this makes the player start from that position.

You can use this for doing the following:

  • Telling what topics start at which duration in the video
  • If you have a video explanation for an entire exam, you can share the link via a URL to a specific duration for each question. Just append ?t=<seconds> to the chapter content URL.

Cool isn't it!

Display blocked users list in admin UI

We now have a dedicated section for blocked users.

You can now see all of your blocked users from this page and unblock them if needed.

That's all for now! 😅

We hope these features will come as handy when you are conducting online courses and selling them to your students.

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