What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - Nov 2020

What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - Nov 2020

November had been a busy month for us.

We packed a bunch of new and exciting features.

These make the learning management system more useful for you in creating content for students.

SEO Settings

You can now customize the meta title and description of your landing page. This will help you to position your portal better in Google Search results.

SEO settings are available in the Settings -> SEO Settings page.

Student Report for admin and student

Last month we released a feature where you could download students report as excel.

We took this one step further and provided option to view the same in a beautiful web page.

This will give you a birds eye view of a student's activity.

Cover image for Contents (a.k.a Thumbnail support)

We added cover image support for all course contents. Cover images give quick snapshot of the contents for your students as they're browsing the course. You can also use this to come up with creative ways to generate curiosity for your students.

Cover Image for contents

Transcoding info

We now show some additional info on the transcoding process of a video. This will help you give more update on the progress of a video transcoding.

Transcoding info for a video

Reduced video sizes

We've reduced the video sizes of the uploaded video. This is achieved by using a lower bitrate.

For a 1 hour video following are the video sizes

240p - 151.6 MB
360p - 266 MB
480p - 350 MB
720p - 614 MB

Compare this with vimeo

240p - 174.018 MB
360p - 317.581 MB
540p - 655.779 MB
720p - 995.915 MB

This will help your students reduce their data costs if watching from their mobile. This will also reduce your bandwidth usage thus reducing your bills.

Web video player shortcuts

We made our video player more user friendly by adding keyboard shortcuts for playing.

You can use the spacebar to play/pause the video, arrow keys to seek the video front and back.

As always, we hope these features will come as handy when you are conducting online courses and selling it to your students.

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