What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - Oct 2020

Pop-up Questions in Videos (Interpolated Testing), Video bandwidth usage tracking, Bulk update password from admin UI, Zoom iOS integration, force logout users from a batch

What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - Oct 2020

One of the common feedback which we get from customers is that they aren't aware of the new features which are being released inside Testpress. We are addressing this going forward by documenting what new features gets released every month.

There are some exciting updates in Testpress and we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s get started!

Pop-up questions in your videos

When you publish a video for your students, it is very important to ensure that your students have understood what they are seeing.

One highly promising tool to increase the effectiveness of educational videos is the introduction of questions that pop-up within the video. This is called as Interpolated Testing.

Now you can do the same inside Testpress LMS.

  • Click Questions in a Video
Click questions in a Video
  • Click Add question
Click Add Question
  • Add your question and mention the position in seconds at which the question should pop-up.
Specify position in seconds
  • When a student is watching this video he would be prompted this question at that position. You can see a demo here

Institute's video bandwidth usage tracking

You can now see how much video has been consumed by your students. This can help you in assessing your costs and the impact your videos are creating for your students.

This is available in the settings page.

Bandwidth Usage

Bulk update password from admin UI

You can now change password for many users in a single shot from the admin UI via an excel sheet.

This comes handy when you have to change the password for many users. Doing it one by one might be time consuming.

  • Select bulk update password from the memberships page
Bulk update password from admin UI
  • Upload excel file of users with passwords
Upload excel file of users with passwords

Force logout users as a batch

You can now logout users forcibly belonging to a particular batch.

This comes handy when you want to make a change in some question when an exam is running and you would like it to be reflected for all users.

  • To force logout users, you can do the same from the batches list page
Force logout users

Zoom iOS Integration

Zoom support inside LMS for iOS is now available. The integration is completely seamless using Zoom SDK.

With this all your users can attend online class from their iPhones and iPads.

  • Here's how students can join the zoom class via iPhone
  • Here's how the staff will appear for students
Zoom Live Class on iOS Mobile

Students report as excel

Often you might be requested by parents who might inquire about the progress report of their students.

You can download students report via excel from the member detail page.

The excel report can then be used in any third party tool to generate meaningful report as PDF.

We hope these features will come as handy when you are conducting online courses and selling it to your students.

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