Why Testpress?

Why Testpress?

It has been almost 7 months now since we started working on this product. We were happy to have helped some of the leading players in the education industry.

What is Testpress?

Testpress is an online exam software on the cloud which can be created within minutes for your educational organization. Some of the advantages of a cloud based online exam software are:

  • Can handle thousands of concurrent users taking online exams.
  • Students get the results instantly.
  • Track and analyze students performance.
  • Exams can be taken anywhere.
Student using Testpress Online Exam Software

Coaching academies can track and analyze the performances of their students real time without any manual intervention. You can sign up a trial account for free and create an online exam software for your institute easily in minutes.

Over the course, we’ve learned a lot from our customers and have implemented features which we felt as pain points for them. Educational institutes have found that the conversion to using online exam from traditional paper-pen based exam has offloaded a lot of manual work. Some institutes use it as an additional source of revenue to sell online exams which is an added advantage.

Our vision is to make Testpress a complete platform for educational institutions in conducting online exams easily. To conclude, Testpress focuses on simplifying the task for creating and using online exams.