9 ways to market your coaching institute using Facebook

9 ways to market your coaching institute using Facebook

Facebook is undeniably an important place where lots of students use and engage. Almost 94% of teenagers use Facebook on a daily basis. This opens up a huge opportunity for coaching institutes to attract new students to your institute.

Important factor

Facebook users spend most of their time in the newsfeed. A post appearing on their news feed is determined by Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm. The more the students engage with your facebook page, the more they are likely to see your update on their news feed.

Here are 9 simple ways which if followed can boost your institute brand.

1. Use pictures to stand out

A plain text post is less engaging than a photo. Even small update such as information on exam dates or results can be shared on a simple image. You can attach details of your institute on right corner of the image. Thus you get a free ride when the image gets shared by students.

Example text only post

Same info with an image

2. Post success photos, videos of your students

Posting individual photos and videos of success stories of your students brings more credibility to your coaching institute. Your students might reshare thus adding more reach.

3. Time

As time decays, a facebook post loses its value. So it is important that you find the right time to post so that your post is seen by most of your audience. To find the best time, you need to experiment. And you can find which post got more views from Facebook Insights of your page and stick with that time.

Tip: Most people engage with facebook pages around 8 PM to 10 PM. Posting on that time1 might help reaching more students. But always experiment. This time is not generic

Image showing best engagement time for facebook post from Facebook Insights under Posts tab

4. Engage with people by asking questions

Research shows that call for action phrases like “leave a comment/Like this post/share this post if …” can boost your engagement with your audience. You can post mcqs or fill in the blanks questions and ask your audience to answer. Reply with the audience in comments by tagging their name. This will help in improving your engagement.

5. Pin important post on top

You can pin a post to show it always on top of your page. Important news about your institute like “Registration for a new batch” can be pinned on top. Thus students who are visiting your page might see it and enquire more about the same.

To pin a post to the top of your Page:

  • Go to the post on your Page’s Timeline
  • Hover over the top-right corner of the post and click the down arrow
  • Select Pin to Top

6. Update regularly

It is very important to update regularly to keep your audience engaging.
Don’t update too much and flood your audience. People will get irritated and mark your post as not to show. A post or two a day at the right time will keep your audience engaging.

7. Write reviews from your students experience

Posting reviews from your students can add more value to your institute brand. A small video interview of your students highlighting their experience can bring more trust on your institute.

8. Freebies

Give free study materials, tips with information about your institute attached. This can be a simple pdf document with important questions and answers. Ensure your institute logo is in the footer of every page. You can create a document using word and export it to PDF directly. Free materials when shared will give your institute free marketing.

9. Make them sign up

You need to gather more targeted leads. For this you can conduct free online exams with user data enforced and post the same on Facebook. For example, Testpress Online Exam Software provides institutes an option to enforce student user data along with mobile verification.

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