What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - April 2021

Bulk block users, Code Injection, iOS Dashboard, iOS JEE Support, iOS Gap Type Support

What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - April 2021

April had been iOS month for us at Testpress.

iOS had long been missing attention from us and was running behind in terms of feature parity with respect to android.

We managed to fix this by bringing in some core features to iOS which were available in Android.

In addition to this we also made some minor improvements which were often asked by you to make your life easier.

Bulk Block Users

Often times your finance team comes up with a list of users who would've defaulted in payment.

You might need to block all of them temporarily and unblock as and when they make the payment.

With this new feature, you can now bulk block users from the membership page.

You just need to paste the usernames or emails line by line. They will be blocked on submitting.

Code Injection in Header/Footer

We have added support to add custom code in your page.

You can add any HTML, CSS, Javascript code here and it will get added to your students UI.

Some of the use cases you could use are

  • Integrating google tags and tracking the success and error rates of your products
  • Adding custom CSS code to change the look and feel of your student UI to match your brand colors
  • Add a third party helpdesk integration
  • Add a third party live chat integration

... and so on.

Dashboard support in iOS

iOS app for Testpress now has a new shiny dashboard similar to that of Android.

Now iOS users can quickly access the recent contents, resume their paused contents directly from the dashboard.

Added JEE exam support to iOS

Back in Jan 2021, Testpress was the first LMS to provide support for the new JEE exam format.

However, this was supported only in the Web and Android.

With the latest updated, this functionality is now extended to iOS too!

Gap type question support in iOS

We had added support for a new question type in Feb 2021 - Gap type fill in the blanks.

This is now extended to work properly in iOS apps as well.

Displayed previous locked accounts

This is a minor UI enhancement. Earlier we were displaying only the current logins of a particular account.

Now we are also displaying the locked logins of a particular account in the admin dashboard.

This can help you to unlock a device when they exceed the maximum number of devices they can login.

We hope these features will come as handy when you are conducting online courses and selling it to your students.

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