We added couple of new features in January 2021.

Here's a brief update on the same.

New JEE Format

The new JEE pattern now limits the number of questions a candidate can attempt in a section to 5 out of 10.

New JEE pattern

We added a new setting to support this functionality. You can now limit the number of questions a candidate can attempt in a section. This is available in the section settings form.

Clone Course

You can clone a course completely using the clone course option available in the courses.

Clone Course Testpress LMS

This can be very useful if you would like to extend the same course to another set of students. Or use the same contents with a different schedule for a different batch of students.

Mentors UI

Mentors got a huge overhaul. You can create mentors and assign students or batches under them from the admin panel.

Mentors when they login will get a completely different UI. They will be able to track the progress and activities of their students alone from their UI.

They'll be able to quickly identify users who've attempted and not attempted the courses and the contents.

Student attempt analytics

The biggest power of the Mentor UI comes in the ability to export the raw data of a chapter or course.

Once exported, the excel will contain all the details of the students performance in that particular chapter.

Add courses create, view, and delete permissions

You can now assign permissions to your staff whether they can create, view or delete courses.

courses create, view, and delete permissions

In case you don't want some one to have delete permission but only should be able to create and view contents, this will come in handy!

Dynamic watermark for video, PDF

All the videos and PDFs are dynamically watermarked with the student's username, email information.

Dynamic watermark for video, PDF

This will help in identifying the source of leak in case of content theft. The watermark will come in random locations making erasing the same difficult.

As always, we hope these features will come as handy when you are conducting online courses and selling it to your students.

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