What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - March 2021

March 2021 Updates for Testpress LMS - Find unattempted students - Offline Score Support - UPI Support and more

What's new in Testpress Learning Management System - March 2021

March had been little bit hard on us for releasing delightful features.

There had been many improvements and bug fixes which ate quite a lot of our product team time.

However we did pull our sleeves and churned out some performant features which many of you people had been asking. 💪

Finding students who missed attempting a particular exam from Admin

This is a no brainer.

Often in an exam, you would quickly want to know who are all the students who did not attempt.

Not attempted users

The exam stats UI now has a drop down which quickly gives you this data. Clicking that would show you all the students who missed taking the exam.

The phone number comes in handy in case you would like to nudge them via a friendly call.

Unattempted Users

Display offline scores in student report

There are times when some of your students would like to take some exams offline in your center via pen & paper.

Wouldn't it be better if these results are also made available online as part of their student report?

Now with this new feature, you can upload the student's offline scores online.

Upload offline scores

The offline scores upload will intelligently merge with the corresponding user account.

This will also be reflected in the student's report which the student's parents can easily see directly.

UPI support for payment gateway in Android

Much awaited Unified Payment Interface is now supported in Android App.

We believe this will be a big game changer in your conversions and thus boosting your sales.

JEE exam support in android

We had added support for new JEE exam format on January. However this was only available in the desktop version.

This functionality is now extended to Android Apps as well.

Minor Improvements

We also added some minor tweaks to make your life easier!

  • The marks and negative marks assigned are now displayed below each question in set in admin UI.
  • You can also specify the difficulty of a question via the bulk upload word document. Just add Difficulty: followed by the value. Values can be any of the following
    Very easy
    Very Hard

As you see most of these are performant features.

However... we do have some exciting stuff planned for next month.

Something to improve your workflow and to make your life bit easier.

But that is a suspense for now...

Till then feel free to follow us via social media using the links below